Where to Find Three Protected Eggs

Chou-Chu Charles thrown into the indie horror scene with an awesome evil spider train that can only be defeated by finding three eggs. These eggs generate an energy that summons Charles but leaves him defenseless. By collecting all three eggs, players can definitively kill Charles and save the island.

Each egg is hidden in maze mines filled with vagrants, possibly inspired by the mines and caves in the survival horror game. Forest. The player must enter three mines, avoid the Charles masked enemies and retrieve the egg that is lying somewhere inside. Each mine is more difficult to pass through than the previous one. Recommended order to collect the three eggs Chou-Chu Charles The Green Monster Egg in the South Mine, the Blue Monster Egg in the North Mine, and the Red Monster Egg in the Center Mine, also known as the Grave.

All Monster Eggs in Choo-Choo Charles

Players are informed about Monster Eggs by Helen, an NPC located on the train tracks in the southern part of the map. To get the key to the Southern Mine, players need to talk to him. The mine is a little track of rails, north-northeast of Helen’s location. As the only weapon and armor upgrades Chou-Chu Charles If you are part of the player’s train, they will need to avoid them instead of fighting the vagrants inside the mine. After getting the key, players must go through the mine, get the Green Monster Egg and get out.

As the name suggests, Blue Monster Egg and Northern Mine Chou-Chu Charles It is located in the northern part of the island. Players get the key to this mine from Greg, a bald and shirtless NPC located along the eastern path of the northern section. The location of the mine will be marked on the map after you get the key from Greg. North Mine has more Goons that can work well as enemies Bendy and the Dark Awakening. The Blue Monster Egg is behind a door with a handle. Players must open the door and retrieve the egg before the door closes and traps them.

last preserved egg Chou-Chu CharlesThe Red Monster Egg is the hardest to collect. The key to this mine comes from Gale, an NPC located on the same road south of Greg’s location. It will mark the Center Mine on the map. The mine is the most complex to explore as it has multiple levels and lots of vagrants. Players must use the elevators to get through the different levels, which may remind some of the elevator needed to reach the real end of the game. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. There is an elevator to the egg and another elevator that will take players out of the mine.

With all preserved eggs Chou-Chu Charles Gathered players can get the Temple Key from Paul, located on the north side of the island. He will help the player kill Charles. They can use the key to unlock the Temple doors and gain access to the Prism. By placing all three guard eggs in Prism, players will trigger the endgame. Chou-Chu Charles.

Source: YouTube/Gamerpillar

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