White Lotus Star Appeals to Nicole & Abby Sister Theory

White Lotus Season 1 star Connie Britton responds to the Nicole and Abby sister theory. HBO’s Emmy-winning anthology series follows the guests and staff of the famous resort chain, which set season 1 in Hawaii and relocate to Sicily for season 2. Although Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya and her husband Greg (Jon Gries) are the only two characters to appear in both seasons, that hasn’t stopped viewers from developing theories about possible connections between the season’s characters. A popular theory is that season 1’s Nicole Mossbacher (played by Britton) is the sister of Michael Imperioli’s Dominic’s estranged wife, Abby, from season 2, and Laura Dern voices her during phone calls.

During a recent interview with Variationstar Connie Britton calls out to the wild white lotus theory. When asked about the possibility of Nicole and Abby being siblings, White Lotus The star admitted that she had never heard of this theory before. Still, if true, she would love to return as Nicole in season 3 due to her adoration and creative relationship with series creator, writer and director Mike White. Read what Britton had to say below:

Oooh, I’ve never heard of that before. Of course I would like [return]. Mike is someone I have long admired in my career and I was lucky enough to work with him on Beatrice at Dinner, which he wrote. I think he’s a genius, but he’s also a kind genius. I loved collaborating with him and I will say yes to him until the end of time.

Could Nicole Return in White Lotus Season 3?

White Lotus Season 3 has been renewed by HBO and is currently being worked on, but almost nothing is definitively known about its location, story or characters. Mike White said that season 3 will take place in Asia and that “death and eastern religion and spiritualityA moment during the season 2 finale may have hinted at: White Lotus The location of season 3 is Meghan Fahy’s Daphne toasting at the band’s last dinner in Sicily, “Next year, Maldives!

Wherever the next season takes place, White Lotus Season 3 will likely feature some returning characters, similar to the way Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya served as the connective tissue between the first two seasons. Due to the sibling theory, Connie Britton’s Nicole and Laura Dern’s Abby are two popular candidates to return as companions in season 3. In the show, there isn’t much evidence to support the sibling theory, except that Nicole and Abby are from wealthy families (which is true for almost everyone who stays at the White Lotus) and perhaps the actresses are vaguely alike.

Connie Britton made past comments explaining that she wanted Nicole to return in season 2, citing an idea that Mike White liked, but now plans to do so in season 3 after the cast didn’t work out. Strong hints from Connie Britton that Nicole could return next season. More will be announced as White Lotus Season 3 progresses through production.

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