Who is Buzz Aldrin’s Girlfriend? The Recent Marriage That Shocked Everyone

Want to know who is Buzz Aldrin’s girlfriend? Buzz Aldrin has marked his name as a renowned astronaut, engineer, and fighter pilot. The former astronaut made as many as three spacewalks as a pilot of the 1996 Gemini 12 mission. Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong made history by being the first two people to land on the moon.

Apart from his successful career as an astronaut, Buzz Aldrin has also penned down his autobiographies titled Return to Earth and Magnificent Desolation. In both books, the former astronaut has been vocal about his struggle with alcoholism and clinical depression.

As he once opened up about his fame, Aldrin admitted that he was not that prepared or comfortable to be thrust into the public eye that much. Before his famous moon landing, Buzz Aldrin used to pilot fighter planes in US Air Force to combat missions during the Korea war.

Who is Buzz Aldrin’s girlfriend?

Buzz Aldrin’s girlfriend is Dr. Anca Faur. The two recently tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony. The pair has been maintaining a low-profile relationship and has managed to keep it all away from the media limelight. 

Buzz Aldrin’s girlfriend

Who is Buzz Aldrin’s girlfriend?

The former astronaut himself confirmed the happy news via Twitter as he started how they were joined in holy matrimony in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles while adding how they are as excited as eloping teenagers.

The announcement tweet was further accompanied by adorable pictures of the newly married couple as the two were seen posing for the camera while all smiles. Fans saw another picture where the pair was seen sharing a candid moment while engaging in a conversation.

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Who is Anca Faur?

While not much is known about Buzz Aldrin’s girlfriend. Tabloids did some digging, and it turns out she is a medical doctor who is currently serving as the executive vice president at Buzz Aldrin’s company, Buzz Aldrin Ventures. Anca also has an impressive medical background, as she completed her Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburg back in 1996. Take a look at all the pictures from Buzz Aldrin and Anca Faur’s intimate wedding ceremony.

As Anca Faur recently married Buzz Aldrin in a small private ceremony in Los Angeles. Buzz was gushing about the wedding while saying how when it comes to their new status as husband and wife, he and Anca are as excited as eloping teenagers.

Buzz also shared some wedding photos from their special day. The former astronaut was dressed up for the big day as she was seen in a classic black suit that was aptly paired with a bow tie and metallic boots. The bride looked stunning in a long-sleeve dress that was all in sequins.

Anca Faur has reportedly been a board member at the California Hydrogen Business Council as she attended the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 70th International Astronautical Congress. Anca Faur and Buzz Aldrin have been spotted together while attending similar events. 

Buzz Aldrin’s girlfriend

Buzz Aldrin

While Faur keeps her social media fans updated about her work, they saw her attending the Association of Space Explore XXXII Planetary Congress and The Astronaut Reunion in Houston, Texas back in October 2019. 

Was Buzz Aldrin married before?

Buzz Aldrin first married Joan Archer back in 1954. However, the two parted ways as the marriage ended in divorce in 1974. The pair shared three children, namely sons James and Andrew, along with daughter Janice.

Aldrin later tied the knot with his second wife, Beverly Van Zile, back in 1975. However, the marital bliss was rather short-lived, as the marriage ended after three years. Aldrin seemed to find love a decade later with his third wife, Lois Driggs Cannon. Buzz married her for 24 years before they divorced back in 2012. Aldrin’s wedding with Dr. And Faur marks his fourth marriage. 

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