Who Is Joel Weinshanker? Meet The One Who Spoke At Lisa Marie Presley’s Memorial Service

Want to know about Joel Weinshanker? After he spoke at the memorial service of Lisa Marie Presley, people got amazed and were curious to learn who is he. The occasion took place on 23 January 2023. So, it’s just been a few days, and not everyone has gotten over Joel Weinshanker. 

Well, it’s difficult to define Joel Weinshanker in just one sentence. He definitely had a powerful identity. Why? That’s evident because otherwise, he wouldn’t know the daughter of the legendary singer Elvis Presley personally. Also, that was the reason why he attended her funeral. Nothing much about Joel’s age, birthday, or personal details are known. That’s except the fact he is reportedly born in 1966. Well, that makes Joel 56 years old. We are unsure, though! 

The news of Lisa Marie Presley’s premature death at the age of 54 is shocking to everyone. We will get into that later. Joel Weinshanker, he appears to be a businessman. To be more precise, Joel is considered one of the leading manufacturers of licensed merchandise. Is it so? Yes! Such is his prominence. 

What did Joel Weinshanker say at Lisa Marie’s funeral? How did he honor her? Even though her death has been painful to all of us, Joel’s straight and positive speech successfully put a little smile on most of the faces of the attendees. If you are looking for who Joel Weinshanker is, here is what we know. 

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Meet Joel Weinshanker: Everything To Know 

Professional Work 

Talking about Joel Weinshanker, he is professionally a businessman, as mentioned already. To be more exact, Joel owns the National Entertainment Collectibles Association Inc. When it comes to his position, he also serves as the chairman of the same. 

Who Is Joel Weinshanker?

Joel Weinshanker

This is not just the end. Joel Weinshanker also has a different identity. You may call it his other profession. What is it? Well, Joel is also a film producer. With respect to this, some of his works are listed as Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays and Wedding at Graceland. 

As previously hinted, Joel Weinshanker is greatly related to the Presley family. He serves as the managing partner at Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE). It’s a corporation founded by the Trust of the legendary singer. It aims to conduct business and manage assets. Not to forget to mention it also includes Graceland.

Little did you know, Joel Weinshanker also leads Graceland Holdings LLC. It majorly owns the EPE.

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At Lisa Marie Presley’s Funeral 

Being a prominent member of the Presley family’s business, Joel Weinshanker attended Lisa Marie’s funeral. He was emotionally devastated by the news of her sudden death. She passed away on 12 January 2023. 

Joel paid tribute to Lisa. He started his speech while saying, “We gather here today from all over the world to honor the life of Lisa Marie Presley, who was taken from us much too soon.” Then, he said that Lisa had previously given many instructions for that day. She didn’t want everyone to be sad at her funeral. On this note, Joel Weinshanker asked everyone, “Don’t make it sad.” He concluded his emotional message by saying that everyone present there would try to honor Lisa and honor her wish that day. 

Who Is Joel Weinshanker?

Lisa Marie Presley

In case you are thinking about the cause of Lisa Marie Presley’s death, it was cardiac arrest. What? Yes! She was too young the pass away. Life is too uncertain! Anything can happen to anyone at any time. The such devastating news was announced to the public by none other than her mother, Priscilla Presley. 

Well, it’s very much evident that Joel Weinshanker’s relationship with Lisa Marie Presley was beyond business. They were close enough and were more like a family. Best Wishes to Joel Weinshanker for the upcoming days of his life! 

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