Why Did The Raiders Leave Oakland? The Reason Revealed

The Raiders left Oakland after being associated with it for several years. Even though some people were shocked, but many didn’t seem to care about its departure. But, the major reason behind the team’s resignation from Oakland is not known by most of you. The football team joined Oakland back in 1960 and played till 1981. Thereafter, they left and rejoined the same in 1995. This time, it seems like they have made a permanent move to Las Vegas in 2019. Meanwhile, they played for Los Angeles. 

The team seems to have demanded something which wasn’t fulfilled in Oakland. What was that? Here is what we know about the Raiders leaving Oakland. 

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The Raiders Left Oakland: Here Is Why

So, it has always been the stadium that the Raiders have demanded. As mentioned above, there was a time when they left Oakland and moved to play as the Los Angeles Raiders. Before this move, they played for Oakland for more than two decades, more specifically for 22 seasons. But why? That was because they seemed to play at the Memorial Coliseum. However, in 1987, they were asked to move. In 1995, they rejoined the former club to play at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, which was renovated at that time. 

This time, again, it has been the stadium that made the Raiders relocate to Las Vegas. It was finalized in March 2017. It was at the beginning of 2020 that we have seen the Las Vegas Raiders making their debut at the Allegiant Stadium. When it comes to the value, it was reported to be worth $1.84 billion.

Why did The Raiders leave Oakland

The Raiders have made a final move to Las Vegas from Oakland

In other words, we may say that the Raiders had a strong and lengthy battle with Oakland for the stadium. However, they asked for any extravagant palace but their own home. But Oakland wasn’t at all ready and excited to invest $1 billion on a stadium at that time. More precisely, the city denied paying for it. The Raiders team then claimed that they would leave Oakland if the city sued them and that eventually happened. Why? That was because they had failed to pay for what they had left at the old stadium. Instead, the team claimed that they were searching for a better facility as, at that time, they had the worst stadium compared to the other teams. 

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