Why Evil Shouldn’t Explore Leland’s Background, According to Star

Michael Emerson doesn’t think so badness He must discover Leland’s past. The supernatural drama series, which moved from CBS to Paramount+ in 2021, follows psychologist Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers) joining forces with Catholic theologian David Acosta (Mike Colter) and tech contractor Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi) to study paranormal activity. Viewers when introduced to Leland Townsend had stolen Kristen’s therapy notes and began making alarming suggestions to her and David. As the show progressed, it was revealed that he acted in bad faith and badness In the season 3 finale, it was revealed that Kristen used her lost egg as a way to bring a demon into the world.

While new details may emerge about some characters, badness In season 4, Leland’s background is unlikely to be discovered. During Screen RentIn an exclusive interview with Emerson, the actor said that he enjoyed the amount his character was exposed to and said “It’s good to be anonymous.“He states that Leland’s background is not discussed much and adds that it feels that way”more legendary.” Read Emerson’s comments on Leland’s background. badness below:

No, I’m happy with the amount of exposure he gets, because that’s what you worry about playing a villain, or hopefully when you’re playing an interesting villain, you’re worried about overexposure. You worry that the audience is getting too used to them or running out of materials or angles. So I’m fine, I’m happy to let them want a little more, that suits me well. Yes, it’s good that it’s faceless, it doesn’t really have a solid history, which makes it kind of a mystery, and I’m all for the mystery. No, we’ve never had such a conversation. Unless someone in the writers’ room decides to make this a key element in a future episode about where Leland really comes from, or plots to reveal his true past, I don’t really anticipate that we’ll ever be one. It should be a pretty interesting biographical note, and hopefully it will be just as mysterious as what we already know or don’t know. But no, we didn’t talk about it, which is fine. It makes it a little more legendary. Maybe it’s nice to think that he’s not completely human. We’ll have to see.

What Has Been Said About Leland’s Background?

badness When Kristen called him by her real name in season 1, she chose to reveal some of Leland’s past. After appearing in court, he began to threaten her and she responded by calling him Jake Perry, to her surprise. He learned that he was an insurance adjuster who moved to New York after his divorce and later changed his name. Kristen dug deeper by mocking the truth about her high school experience and failed marriages. There are also theories that Leland is not fully human or used his ties to demons to pursue his own plans, including the recent disclosure that he and another woman used Kristen’s egg to have children.

Emerson Is Right To Keep Leland A Mystery

Overall, it seems like a good idea to keep Leland’s past a secret, as we see what kind of a main antagonist he is. badness. He seems to have a plan in place, that much is obvious, but when it comes to motives and the bigger picture, not knowing makes his character a more compelling villain. For three seasons, badness It showed Leland playing games with Kristen, David, and others like letting them explore his home in season 2. The show also observed her relationships with people like Sheryl (Christine Lahti).

it will be interesting to see badness He tries to give Leland more background, but according to Emerson’s comments, it doesn’t seem like it’s necessary for his character. With her current plan in place, and Kristen’s uneasy reaction upon learning what happened to her missing egg, the conflict leading up to season 4 only got worse. The series has already made fun of what appears to be Kristen’s baby, and if her birth happens during new episodes, it will be scary to find out what happens next. Those who can’t wait to find out what lies ahead for Leland badness Season 4 is sure to pay attention to the show’s comeback date.

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