Why Ope Ope no Mi is called the Ultimate Devil Fruit

Devil Fruits are considered valuable items that bestow different types of powers. Each devil fruit has a unique ability that can turn a weak person into one of the strongest. Devil Fruits are divided into three groups: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan.

Of the three, Logia is considered the rarest while Paramecia is the most common. Due to the sheer number of Paramecia-like Devil Fruits in One piece, many of them are average and don’t offer much in terms of offense. However, there are a few Devil Fruits in this category that have the power to cause immense destruction, with some examples such as Gura Gura no Mi, Mochi Mochi no Mi, Ope Ope no Mi, etc. There has been much debate about the power of the Ope Ope no Mi and where it is compared to other devil fruits One piece.


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The power to heal anything

Law with its spatial ability

The Ope Ope no Mi is currently owned by Trafalgar Law and before him it was owned by an unknown doctor. Both Law and the former Devil Fruit user have one thing in common: both are specialists when it comes to medical procedures. While it’s unknown what the unknown doctor did with his powers, Law’s exploits are well laid out for fans.

As a child, Trafalgar Law contracted amber lead disease, which was thought to be incurable. No matter how many hospitals Corazon took him to, no doctor seemed to help. Things weren’t looking good for Law, but Corazon wasn’t ready to give up. So he decided to make one last try. Corazon used his powers to steal Diez Barrels’ Ope Ope no Mi and feed it to Law. Obviously, Law wasn’t able to master his new abilities right away, but over time he gained enough control to cure himself of the disease. As he grew up, Law’s medical skills improved and his skills came into play again when he saved Luffy. Without Ope Ope no Mi, Law would have been unable to treat Luffy’s injuries.

attack power

Trafalgar D. Water Law

Unlike most Devil Fruits, the Ope Ope no Mi has one major drawback, which is that it drains the user’s stamina after repeated use. Considering the absurd powers it bestows, the stamina drain doesn’t seem like much of a compromise. In the Wano Country arc, Law demonstrated the actual power of his Devil Fruit. Before the Arc, Law didn’t get a fair chance to show off his skills, but when the Alliance faced Big Mom, he had no choice.

Law’s Devil Fruit allows him to create SPACES, and those trapped within are at Law’s mercy. Law can control any object and even switch places with it while a ROOM is active, allowing him to surprise his opponent with a surprise attack. Law can also slice an opponent into multiple pieces without damaging them. This can prove to be a useful skill, especially when he’s trying to extort information. Gamma Knife, one of Law’s signature moves, destroys the target’s interior, which can prove deadly.

Awakening of the Devil Fruit

Law Against Big Mom

Trafalgar Law used his Devil Fruit Awakening against Big Mom. Law showed he can create space-warping essences and power up his attacks to overwhelm his opponents. Instead of a giant ROOM, Law uses a technique called the K-Room and creates a small bubble that can be attached to his sword. This allows Law to effectively bypass his target’s outer defenses and injure them from the inside.

Another attack Law can use is called Shock Will. In this attack, his sword penetrates a person’s body and creates shock waves from within. When used against Big Mom, Shock Wille caused her to bleed from her mouth. Puncture Wille is the stronger variant of Shock Wille, and Law used it to defeat Big Mom. His Devil Fruit’s other notable abilities are RE-ROOM and Silence. RE-ROOM attaches to a target and sticks to them, expanding in size when needed. Once a target is stuck in a RE-ROOM, Law can use Silence to drown out the target’s noise. It’s quite similar to Corazon’s Nagi Nagi no Mi. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say the attack was Law’s way of paying tribute to his savior, who died protecting him.

Law eats the Ope Ope no Mi

The offensive abilities that Ope Ope no Mi grants are enough to call it the Ultimate Devil Fruit. However, the ability to bestow immortality on another person gave the fruit its name. The procedure is known as “immortality surgery” but it costs the user’s life. Doflamingo wanted Law to eat the devil fruit and perform the surgery on him so he could rule the world. Doflamingo also stated that when the ope ope no mi is used with the treasure of the heavenly dragons.

There is currently no information on which treasure Doflamingo was talking about, but fans can expect this secret to be revealed later. The Ope Ope no Mi is clearly a potent devil fruit and it will be interesting to see how far Law can take it.

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