YouTube ReVanced v17.23.35 APK [New Youtube Mod]

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Youtube ReVanced is an unofficial sequel to Youtube Vanced and is not related to Vanced, which aims to provide new features as well as those already seen in Vanced.

YouTube ReVanced is a Project Based on YouTube Vanced. Currently It’s in initial Stage & Have Basic Youtube Vanced Features. As YouTube Vanced Project is Closed. Youtube ReVanced is supposed to Continue its Legacy Unofficially.
★ Latest Features(Applied By Patch)-
• No root needed to install
• No need to uninstall official YouTube, can install as a secondary YouTube
• General Ads & Video Ads Disabled
• Background Play/Minimized PlayBack
• Amoled Theme Enabled
• Tap on Seekbar Enabled
• Disabled Create Button
• MicroG Support For Login
• hidden cast button
• Premium-header
• Old Video quality layout Enabled,
• Fullscreen Panels Disabled
• Shorts Disabled

What’s New:
– Patches added: old-quality-layout, disable-fullscreen-panels and disable-shorts-button.
– New revanced optimizations and fixes

YouTube ReVanced


– You must uninstall any version of ReVanced installed in order to install this.
– Non-root variant, micro-g or vanced micro-g is required.

Vanced MicroG v0.2.24.220220 APK

Universal: YouTube ReVanced v17.23.35 APK

arm v7a:YouTube ReVanced v17.23.35 APK

arm64 v8a:YouTube ReVanced v17.23.35 APK

x86:YouTube ReVanced v17.23.35 APK

x86_64:YouTube ReVanced v17.23.35 APK

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