Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK v1.0.831 (God Mode, One Hit)

Download Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK (Money/God Mode) for Android devices now. Kill the undead and win the World of Zombies war.

Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK

Zombie Hunter D Day MOD APK

The theme of the zombie pandemic is still causing fever in the entertainment world. If you are really a fan of shooting zombies game, do not miss this game. Carrying on the style of a true FPS title, Zombie Hunter D-Day will lead players into dramatic scenes. Here, players will learn how to reflect, calm down before the feared zombies and destroy them before it can kill you. Along Modder.me discover details about this game offline!


Zombie Hunter D Day MOD APK

How long can you live in this world? That is the question we want to know before you join this game. At the beginning of the game, the player will be taken into a room with flickering lights. Outside the window, zombies appear and slowly approach you. In your hand only hold a gun with a limited number of bullets. The player needs to do is kill the zombies before they come to kill you. To kill zombies as quickly as possible, the point you need to aim is that their heads. When you shoot at the head, the score you get is also much higher than shooting at them. You can also use Booms when they appear in dense amounts. There are stages, giant zombie bosses will appear. Make sure the remaining ammunition is enough to destroy it. Zombie Hunter D-Day has hundreds of levels to challenge your courage. Join in and explore!


There are dozens of classic guns waiting for players to explore. It is also classified according to D, C, B, A, S, SS ranks with different damage levels. Some familiar guns for those who love shooting games like M249, M134, CQ16, SCAR-L… Players can also upgrade them to reach the maximum power for each weapon.

Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK version

In the original version, players will have to destroy hordes of zombies with a gun with a limited number of bullets. If out of ammo, you can be destroyed by hordes of zombies at any time. Here, we will provide you with a modified version of Zombie Hunter D-Day. Players will own a gun with a huge number of bullets. Moreover, gun damage has been increased. Just One Hit is able to kill zombies.

Download Zombie Hunter D-Day MOD APK latest for Android

If you are a zombie shooter, then this FPS shooting game is for you. Participate in more dramatic and scary shooting screens than PUBG mobile. Choose a link and download Zombie Hunter D-Day latest version for Android devices.

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